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Pet-U-Cation Training & Wellness Center

Services and Training Programs

$10 Discount

Valid for dogs rescued from a shelter or 501c3 (nonprofit) rescue organization.

Not valid with any other promotion, daylong evaluations
or individual drop in classes. 




10% Off

Valid when you sign up with a friend or sign up multiple dogs per household for a course.

Not valid with any other promotion, daylong evaluations
or 1 time drop in classes. 



Getting Started

Consultations, Evaluations, & Dog Tests


On Site Rehab & Day Training

OSR is our day training program for dogs who are in need of socialization, mental wellness, obedience lessons, or rehabilitation


Day Care

Safe, structured, fun socialization and training opportunities for ALL dogs (reservation required)


Sunday Wellness

Our Sunday Wellness sessions provide an opportunity for all skill levels to practice with the guidance of our staff.

Structured, safe and FUN opportunities to train and earn a Canine Good Citizen certification


Off leash training can give you the control and reliability you need in order to keep your dog safe and give them the freedom to enjoy life off leash!

Custom 1-1 sessions at the Wellness Center or in your home


Fit Fridays

Structured physical and mental exercise for the pup seeking extra stimulation!

Help with house & crate training, baby preparation, separation anxiety and more


Control Dog Certification

Control Dogs are well adjusted, obedient or social dogs who have selfless owners.


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In certain situations, we offer payment plans. To see if you qualify, please contact us via email or phone.

Don't see what you are looking for? Schedule a phone consultation to speak to a trainer about your specific needs.

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