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A safer, structured


for every dog.

Monday- Thursday

Drop off: between 7:00-9:30am

1/2 Day: between 12:00-1:00pm

Pick up: between 4:00-6:30pm


*Discounts available for multiple day packages

PuC Day Care is a service available to all of our training clients, where we pride ourselves on creating an environment where your dogs feel satisfied, comfortable, and respected. This structured day care program provides a service that is unavailable anywhere else in our area, which involves thorough consideration for each dog's comfort level, skill set, and personality.

With a dog's social instincts in mind, we allow groups to naturally "pack up," and spend time in groups where they are successful, rather than stressed, among unknown dogs each day. Packs begin to form on their own based on compatibility, and these packs spend time together doing "dog things" such as sun bathing, walking, napping, and playing -  not competing, wrestling, and being otherwise adrenalized during each interaction. By minimizing, yet still  facilitating consistent introductions at a realistic pace, your dog can spend calm, quality time with their bonded pack members without constant high energy, stressful, rushed introductions - which is where most conflicts occur in many daycare programs. This approach also allows space to further their social skills by safely testing boundaries with other dogs and making mistakes without the threat of a real conflict. Each day, your dog will gain confidence in their own ability to walk away from conflict, initiate a game, sleep soundly in the presence of other dogs, and look to humans for guidance or support along the way. Boundaries and rules are implemented every single time a dog is handled at PuCWC
 so training and improving behavior constantly takes place, even during bathroom breaks and quiet kennel time.

Because we rely so heavily on trust and an open line of communication between dog and human, we provide each dog with an opportunity to bond one-on-one with staff, Each staff member understands deeply how to facilitate introductions and play sessions that are mutual, friendly, and fun. Dogs have the chance to make friends at their own pace or enjoy the day independent of other dogs at all.  High energy dogs can partake in aerobic exercise so that they may enjoy downtime to reflect, relax, and stay focused on moving forward towards your training goals each day. We track achievements and progress for each dog take the necessary time to make every staff member aware of limitations and safety concerns.


Getting comfortable with confinement is necessary in an environment like ours, so even our housing is customized for each dog. We have large kennels which are located centrally for dogs with separation or confinement anxiety, group crate "clusters" for social dogs who are more comfortable being crated near their dog-friends or housemates, and a communal area where social and tolerant dogs can be housed as a group. 

At PuC, your dog's safe, productive, progress is our main concern. Our "no bites, no fights" reputation speaks for itself. 

We understand it's hard to trust anyone with our beloved pets, so frequent live video streaming is available throughout the day, as well as Instagram and Facebook updates, so that you can check in for some peace of mind. We'd love the opportunity to talk with you and find out if these programs are right for your pack. 

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