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Private Lessons

Our 1-1 sessions are scheduled individually with one of our behavior specialists and cover a wide variety of needs.

We pride ourselves in taking the time to understand your dog's situation fully, including environment, other family members, routines, and problem areas.


This in depth, comprehensive session with no time length restrictions will provide you with an opportunity to really understand your dog even better, practice with guidance, understand how your dog learns and communicates, and improve your dog's overall quality of life.


1-1 lessons provide calm, quiet, structured, up close, and most of all SAFE socialization help with our Control Dogs and trainers. 

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Train By Phone

1 Initial phone call between 1-2 hours

1 Follow up call between 30 minutes and 1 hour

If you are not able to enroll in private training for whatever reason, Pet-U-Cation also offers Train-by-Phone sessions to cover issues such as:

- Separation Anxiety
- House training
- Bite inhibition
- Puppy development and exposure
- Body Language
- Bringing home your baby 
- Introducing a new dog
- Excessive Barking
- Crate Training

And more!

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