Canine Good Citizen Course              $250

Our CGC prep course is a basic obedience course focusing on handler awareness and desensitizing the dog to various distractions. 

This course allows you membership of a private forum with your class and instructor, where video, photos, and homework will be posted. Questions, concerns and feedback with your trainer can be given and received here. A slightly smaller group means YOU get more intimate, hands on, 1-1 time with your instructor, and individual feedback. It also means that reactive dogs, or dogs who need special attention and a less stressful environment will have the opportunity to learn the skills they need in order to move forward with their progress.

Enrollment in any of our classes means that you also join a community of dedicated volunteers, staff members, and clients via the All Breed Socialization Network and the socialization opportunities within. 


You and your dog will learn:


1) Walk on a loose leash
2) "Sit" "Down" and "Stay"
3) Recall (coming when called)
4) Stay with distractions
5) Accept a friendly stranger on the leash
6) Accept a friendly stranger and their dog on leash
7) Sit politely for petting
8) Supervised separation from the owner without anxiety
9) Walk politely through a crowd
10) Appearance and grooming

+Unlimited Drop-In Refresher Sessions after your course is complete (must be an active participant throughout your initial series of classes to qualify).



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Drop-in, single leash training classes are available for new and existing clients. A phone consultation is required prior to this lesson to ensure our safety and those participating in your dog's lesson. There are no time length restrictions for these sessions. We are committed to making sure you understand what to do once you leave our facility.