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The PuC Wellness Center


On Site Rehabilitation (OSR) & Day Training

This comprehensive day training program provides your dog with the necessary personal time and practice sessions to get on a permanent path to proper socialization and appropriate behavior around other dogs and people.


Our behavior experts can spend 1-1 time with your dog, learn what makes them tick, set up scenarios in which they can succeed yet may be difficult for you to facilitate, and consistently move toward your goals of having a well adapted, safe, friendly dog.

Alternatively, OSR can be a safer day care or long-term upkeep plan for dogs who are under socialized, not dog friendly, or have issues with new people.

PuC welcomes all personality types and can manage your dog's environment throughout the day to keep them safe and moving in the right direction.


Monday - Thursday

7:00am - 9:30am drop off 
4:00pm - 6:30pm pick up


This program takes place at our Wellness Center in Catonsville

Check out our Youtube, facebook, or Instagram page for more insight, photos, and videos of our On Site Rehabilitation or Day Care program.

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