1030 Leslie Ave. Unit D,

Catonsville MD 21228


Directions from 695:

Travel WEST on Route 40 a little under a mile. Leslie Ave. is a dead end road across from the Wal-Mart, BEFORE (East of) Rolling Road. Go to the end of Leslie Ave and make a left into our parking lot.

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​In order to do our part to help prevent the transmission of Covid-19/Corona Virus in our community, we are implementing the following safety protocols, effective immediately.


These protocols are meant to address the very real risk of human-human (even asymptomatic) transmission. It is important to note that, at this time, there is no evidence that dogs are in danger of transmitting this virus to each other. If we implement good safety practices with each other, there is no reason our dogs can not continue to enjoy the company of their friends at daycare, instructors in classes, or caregivers while boarding.

We will be doing the majority of our human client interactions outdoors or in the warehouse, where we will be better able to practice recommended social distancing guidelines outdoors. Please remember to give each other plenty of room and time to transition the dogs. We don’t want the dogs (or our clients!) to feel a sense of urgency at any time.

Disinfection of our facility, doors, latches, gates and tools will increase in frequency and always occur before and after pickup/drop off times. In addition to hand washing throughout the day, our staff will wash their hands upon arrival for work and in preparation for pickup and drop off. Staff are practicing proper respiratory etiquette (i.e. elbow/tissue sneezing and coughing), not only around each other and our clients, but also with your dogs. Much as it pains us, we will avoid kissing and hugging your dogs, substituting instead, fun and activities that keep us connected and smiling.

We are still using a two door system, however  you will not be required to touch either and have installed a magnetic latch on the outside gate that you can push/pull without using your hands. We will greet you at the front gate and open it for you. After your dog sits and waits on the platform, we will wait and give you the opportunity to remove your dogs’ collars, harnesses, slip leads and take them with you when you leave. Please allow us to handle all the gates and latches whenever possible. Your dog can then enter into the building with us to join in on the days activities, with no need for you to touch any part of our facility and the ability to adhere to safe social distances.

During this period, it may be easiest to craft a smooth transition for your dogs if you remove harnesses, flea collars, and halters in the car (or even at home) and bring your dog in wearing just its training collar and leash. Using a slip lead of your own would be even more ideal, if your dog is capable of walking safely with just that. We are happy to provide you one to keep and teach you how to use it if you aren’t already familiar with them.

It is important that you leave your dog’s normal ID collar in your car so it is available for safe transport after pick up. If pickup and drop off will be by different family members and you don't have two sets of collars and leads, we are happy to have you clip your lead to our fence for retrieval at pickup.

If your dog eats a midday meal, please avoid bringing a single serving each day and please do provide us with one month’s worth in a plastic ZipLock which we will label and store here. We will alert you when it begins to run low.

Boarding dog belongings, food and medications should be limited to essentials and be well labeled. During this period we will not be accepting bedding. We do believe that a first-timer often appreciates a “lovey” comfort object that smells like home, but we ask that you limit it to a t-shirt or pillow case labeled and arriving in a plastic zip loc. We will place it on the cozy beds we provide.

Please allow us to handle all the gates and latches whenever possible.  You will greet your dog in one of the securely, fenced enclosures. Have your leash/collar or slip lead ready and feel free to calmly get your pup “dressed” and take an appropriate amount of time to do so safely and according to your dog's training needs. If your dog has been boarding we will also bring out their disinfected and sanitized belongings and leave them for you inside the fence. 

We will provide you the time and space to “dress” your dog, but, given their likely reunion excitement, when it is safe to do so, you may find it easiest to walk them out with a Slip lead and then put on collars, harnesses, etc in the car where they are often calmer. Additional safety tip - avoid pulling out of our parking lot until your dog is wearing its normal ID collar again.


1. Please disinfect your dog's equipment prior to putting it on them. Please wash your hands and disinfect any items that you will be bringing inside of the Center. Please leave all additional items IN YOUR CAR - this includes purses and bags if you are able. Our parking lot has a security camera and we have not had an issues with theft over the 2.5 years we have leased this property. If you are truly concerned with doing this please hang your bag on the hooks inside the door to prevent cross contamination once inside the building. Our bathroom is located just inside the warehouse door to the left. Please feel free to use it to wash your hands at any point. Disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer is available when needed or desired. You will be expected to wear a mask when inside the building. All participants must remain at least 6 feet apart from all other participants (except those in your family or who came with you to class). Due to the echo and noise from our fans and the difficulty other group classes have with hearing me with a mask, I will not be wearing a mask when giving instructions to the class as a group. If I need to be in direct proximity with any participants I will wear mine as well. Please be mindful of disease transmission as we continue throughout the course. If you believe you may have come in contact with anyone who is or may be sick, PLEASE STAY HOME and let us know as soon as possible to discuss options.

If one of our staff becomes ill, we will self quarantine the entire staff for a minimum of two weeks, during which we will close the facility to all. Dogs that are already here being boarded will be cared for as usual, with the most current cautionary measures in place for pickup. Daycare clients will be notified immediately. 

If you or a member of your household becomes ill, please include your dog in your quarantine. In an abundance of caution, we will not accept dogs who live in household with active COVID-19 illness. They are welcome to join us as soon as all the humans are in the clear.