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All Breed Socialization Network

"When you enroll with Pet-U-Cation, you become part of a family. The ABSN keeps me connected and reminds me I am not alone while working on my dog's issues. My life has changed as a result of all the support."

-Rachel Pederson and Tux

"In the ABSN,  you can meet up with other owners who are heppy to help you work through any challenge you're dealing with. It has been wonderful."  Angela Sandquist and Max

"Thank you to Pet-U-Cation and everyone involved for helping make Cinco a "real dog."  Erin Harty and Cinco

"No matter what I ask, there are always 8-10 people ready to help me at any given time." Eryka Wentz and BullWinkle

Continued Growth

The sole purpose of the ABSN page is to facilitate a network of local dog owners who share at least 2 common goals -  bettering their dog's quality of life and their dog's social skills. Our clients have the peace of mind in knowing that they are not alone, and they are surrounded by people who have been in their shoes at some point.

The exchange of knowledge and shared experiences between clients, volunteers, and staff further encourages continued training and education for our dogs.

Convenient Practice Opportunities

By connecting owners in their local area, practice opportunities are always available. With over 400 members, 150 volunteers and local evaluated Control Dogs (friendly, non reactive, social dogs), in Baltimore City and it's surrounding counties, you and your dog will get the opportunity to attend group hikes, practice sessions, and easily complete homework assignments throughout your PuC experience.

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