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Success Stories & Testimonials


Cameron, Lillian and Buko
Pet-u-Cation has done so much for our dog, Buko. He is a large rescue, and my partner and I wanted a daycare that he could thrive in. We live in Baltimore City but weren't able to find a daycare in the city that we felt would set him up for success. I've heard many people say that their dogs pick up bad habits at daycare, but PuC does the opposite! Your dog is in a controlled environment and is introduced to other, trusted, dogs in a safe manner and at a gradual rate. The trainers know all the dogs' needs and problem areas, and are well equipped to help them get through those issues, including though a rehab program. Using cages is part of what makes this control possible, and even then, the dogs are in the same room as everything else (at the current facility). There's not another dog day care around of its kind, and the drive to Catonsville is well worth it. I've recommended them to multiple friends and have made new friends through their community.



LeSales Dunworth & Tucker
Pet-u-cation has been wonderful for our dog, Tucker, who had suffered much stress and trauma before we adopted him. He has been able to blossom at PUC and learn how to interact with dogs of all shapes and size and personalities. I love seeing the pictures and video with context on what is happening (e.g., building confidence, learning to trust). It is amazing to see scared dogs learn to play and selective dogs learn to trust. I love that Tucker is given direction that enables him to be the best dog he can be in an environment that is positive, encouraging and fun. Tucker adores his trainers!




Sharee Robertson & Nala
I'm so glad I found Pet-U-Cation for the pup and I. Nala started with the Puppy Development program and continued onto Daycare to keep up the with her socialization and basic obedience. She loves going to the center so with those two experiences being a success, I decided to go forth with Leash Lessons. Wow! What an improvement in her leash manners! We both learned a lot from that class, thanks to PUC! Nala has made great strides and continues to improve daily, all thanks to this amazing team! Next up, ATT!



Loretta Holmberg, Latte, Lea and Marcel
I am so glad we found Pet-U-Cation (PUC) by way of our neighborhood FB page sometime in October 2016! PUC has been an absolute blessing in our lives (all 3 pups and people too)! We started off with a series of On-Site-Rehabilitation (OSR) for our dog, Latte because we were at our wit’s end due to her constant leash reactivity. OSR helped with some behavior modification and then we enrolled her in regular daycare sessions where she is constantly learning to be a more social dog and to make right choices.

Our second dog Lea was attending a different daycare and dog training facility before, BUT PUC is great at making my puppy Lea feel comfy. They work at her pace and her comfort zone. They don't make her socialize with a bunch of dogs that she may not be comfy with! As such, Lea is always happy and excited to come to daycare or training in this facility! This is also evidenced in the videos and pics that the warm and caring PUC folks post!


My third dog Marcel is a control dog at PUC and seems to love his job/role very much! He too enjoys attending PUC! The trainers and caregivers at PUC work on my dogs’ weaknesses and at the same time capitalize on their strengths! As an educator (of K-20), I can firmly say that what they do with my dogs is the epitome of differentiated and/or individualized instruction to help my dogs be successful at being good (if not great) dogs! Additionally, the PUC trainers and staff are extremely caring to both dogs and people. I highly recommend Pet-U-Cation Training & Rehabilitation without any reservation.




Casey O'Neill & Sunny
Pet-U-Cation has been a huge help with my pup. She was adopted out of BARCS and brought back twice before I found and adopted her, and she's been terrified of people and one of the most nervous dogs I've encountered since I met her. This place has really helped her come out of her shell and build her confidence well. She absolutely loves daycare days, and any time I ask her if she wants to go she's immediately glued to my hip, tail wagging making sure I don't forget to bring her.
The ATT training class was great too. Helpful for her to be around a group of dogs and people, and to learn how to calm herself down (and realize she's not actually going to die - hah!). Highly recommended, and I continue to take my dog here on a regular basis!


Stephanie Bosley & Ruby
Intelligent, intuitive, dedicated and very hard working dog trainers.


Dr. Joe Zulty, Mango, Puma, Scout, & Cow
Petucation has made a real difference in my understanding of the inter-canine dynamics in my own home and what I need to do to improve them. I tend to anthropomorphize the situation, instead of truly understanding dogs on a dog level. I am impressed by the patience, insight, and guidance of the trainers. My practice Essex Middle River Veterinary Clinic (EMRVC) has found a fantastic partner in behavioral medicine!

Jessica Rose & Reyna
We have been bringing Reyna to Petucation for 2 years now and the improvement we have seen in her is astounding. They take the time to work with your dog at their pace and work with YOU to make sure you understand the reasons for certain behaviors and training methods. We've gone from a super anxious dog who could not control herself to an anxious dog who THINKS before she acts. Forever grateful!


Jess, Mike, Bella & Bodie
Just wanted to thank you both for everything that you both have done and continue to do for Bella & Bodie.When we were introduced to Petucation we had rescued one crazy dog already, Bella, who had dog aggression and symptoms of anxiety that were literally creating dangerous situations. We were told by many professionals that we should put her down. We were given no hope for our Bella until BBC recommended Petucation. We were frustrated and heartbroken and from the first phone conversation that we had, we suddenly felt understood. So many people fear our dogs, let alone take the time and energy to understand them, especially when they are truly a little nutty. You guys swooped into rescue mode to help us with Bodie and while our dogs are not perfect we are making huge strides in our home......all of us are!

You ladies took us on when know one else would and we are so very grateful to have you in the background ready to guide us through. Petucation is an organization that doesn't just help families, they forge on-going relationships with them. You ladies rock! You know it. Everyone one says so, but we know so for sure and we can't thank you enough!



Sean Stinchcomb & Delilah
I can't say enough positive things about Petucation and its staff. Before working with Petucation, I took Delilah to 2 other trainers. It wasn't until attending Pack Walks and talking to Savannah that I began learning more about the behavior end of training. This allowed me to work more effectively to obtain the behavior that I desired. Delilah went through Petucation's CGC prep course, which helped prepare for the test. Delilah was then given the opportunity to attend RICA (Regional Institute for Adolescents and Children) with Savannah to spend time with troubled kids. Through keeping up with Delilah's training and using tips learned from Petucation, Delilah is now a Pets On Wheels therapy dog. Thanks guys!!!

Alexis Krestos-Rybny & Duke
Savannah and Pet-u-cation helped us prepare Duke for our son Max's arrival. The training she did with us before Max's birth made for a smooth transition for all three (soon to be 4) of us! Duke was our first (fur) baby and it was important to us that he felt comfortable around Max, our newborn. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication!



Ali Solonche & Pooch
We love Pet-u-cation! They have been there since day one when we brought our first dog home from BARCS. They have been so helpful, accommodating, and generous, and we would highly recommend them!



Amanda Bilenki, Claude & Gabby
PUC is such a wonderful training facility! The trainers make you feel so comfortable and there truly are "no stupid questions!" My male dog attends daycare and I have an "anxious" female 1.5 year old that attends on-site rehab and it's been wonderful! She's learned so much from rehab, as have I! Learning how to "slow" her down so she can make good choices has been so rewarding! Every day there's progress! We also completed the "Advocacy through Training" course and it was such a great experience. I learned so much. My dogs love PUC! And so do I!! I'm so excited for our future PUC learning adventures!


Amanda Harris, Loki & Chloe
Petucation's staff is kind, knowledgeable, and dedicated. The work they do with anxious and fearful dogs is unprecedented and simply unmatched in the Baltimore area. They are my go-to for behavior advice and training.




Jennifer Pitt & Charlie
I have seen these folks work miracles with many dogs over the years. They have an instinctual understanding of behavior and how to modify and manage it. There is also an incredible support system of other owners/dogs to help you as training partners or with socialization as you learn. PetUCation is the real deal!


Megan, Ryan, & Mac
We adopted Mac a little over a year ago. He absolutely loves people, but was reactive to other dogs on leash. This posed a problem as we lived in a neighborhood full of dogs. We knew we needed help, so we contacted Pet-U-Cation, who showed us a side of Mac we never thought we would see. He made huge gains during just the first in home session. They not only modeled how to work with Mac, but provided follow-up materials to better help us along with Mac's training. We have participated in many Pack Walks and even Play Group, where we have had the pleasure of working with all of the Pet-U-Cation staff. Everyone from the PUC crew is knowledgeable, patient, and passionate about what they do. They make you believe and show you that your dog can absolutely succeed with the right guidance. Mac is not perfect, but he is on his way and we have the entire PUC staff to thank for that.


Kelly, Jane & Molly

We adopted Molly from a foster working with a rescue organization. We had little to no experience with bully breeds, and didn't know what to expect. We fell in love with Molly when we first laid our eyes on her. I don’t know if it was the endearing look in her eyes, or if it was just the pitiful stare from a hopeful soul. As policy directs, we took Molly to the vet and began to learn of her health conditions and her need for socialization with humans.

Once Molly began to feel better, we started to notice some behavior issues. The neighborhood was on high alert. Molly would bark incessantly at men, and posture herself in an intimidating sort of way. Because of this, we started to look at getting professional help. The importance of this training was emphasized when we had an unfortunate bite incident with a small dog; then later with a larger family friend’s pet. At this point, both of our families were concerned about us keeping Molly. To avoid the worst, we located Pet-U-Cation via links from BARC and immediately messaged them.Our evaluation meeting was a turning point in our lives with Molly. In less than 5 minutes of our initial contact with the help of a “control” dog, she was able to identify the issues that concerned us. They emphasized that Molly was essentially a good dog, just had some problem behaviors – she was not a “bad dog”.  PUC showed us that Molly was not reactive to all dogs; she was reactive in certain situations. A trainer met us at our house and showed us how to be good pack leaders and how to work with Molly accordingly.  She showed us that the crux of Molly’s issues is that she needs someone she trusts in charge. We humans had to step up and be clear leaders. We were taught how to identify Molly’s posturing to get a sense of what is going on in her mind. We can then use this knowledge to help guide her through stressful situations. PUC has trained us humans to be much better dog leaders and Molly is a calmer, happier girl. Molly’s reactive barking is greatly lessened. We can usually figure out what the trigger was. We then work on desensitizing Molly to that trigger, just like they taught us.

Improving our communication with Molly has improved our relationship with her. We continue to socialize her with other dogs and people, with the continued guidance of Pet-U- Cation. We thank all the members of Pet-U-Cation for the guidance and support needed, as Molly transitions into a model Canine Good Citizen.


Nick O'brien & Honey

My dog honey came into PUC frustrated and barking her head off at any dog that would come within 100 feet of her. Today, she plays off leash with many dogs, with no muzzle needed. The staff here does great work. I was on the verge of having to give her up because of her behavior but with PUCS help Honey is becoming a well behaved socialized dog. I would recommend them without a doubt.


Krista, Eric, Paige & Cowboy
Our dog Paige was crazy, wild, and out of control. We tried everything to turn her into a well behaved dog. Research online, advice from friends, books, you name it - we tried it. Thank goodness we found Pet-U-Cation. We reached out to Petucation for our dog training needs. They quickly identified where we were lacking in leadership skills and areas to target when working with Paige. Savannah and Alma made an easy to follow training plan to get us on the path to success with Paige. We also took advantage of other services Pet-U-Cation offers such as the Pack Walks and socialization classes. These have done wonders for Paige's (and our) confidence and self esteem. Paige is a new dog, and better managed, thanks to the skills and training techniques we learned from Pet-U-Cation.When we were ready to add another member to our pack, Savannah was our match maker. She recommended our second dog, Cowboy. Savannah expertly helped us integrate Cowboy into our family. When we have questions or concerns about our dogs, she is there with answers and encouragement. I swear the woman must be a dog in a chick suit with her "canine sixth sense". She knows exactly what a dog is thinking and why it's exhibiting problem behaviors. Best of all, she can explain why it is happening, and how to correct it. She explains everything in great detail and in a way that anybody can grasp and follow. It is clear that all of Pet-U-Cation's staff members are 100% dedicated to pursuing their passion of dogs & their owners and fostering a happy home environment for all. We will be Pet-U-Cation clients for life!



Adrienne Shevchuk & Petey

My little dingo Pete is very cute, which is lucky, because for a while it was his saving grace! He has a ton of energy, can be pretty stubborn, and is too smart for his own good, and I was totally clueless. Pete was extremely leash-reactive, which made walking him incredibly stressful, especially in an area with as much dog traffic as Baltimore City.In the little over 2 years I've been working with Pet-U-Cation, Pete's progress (and mine) has been really amazing. Initial private sessions with Savannah helped attune me to Pete's body signals, as well as my own. The CGC course was a true milestone -- February/March of 2013 was the first time I've been able to walk him on a regular leash and collar without him completely choking himself, since he was adopted in 2010. The All Breed Socialization Group has been invaluable as well. It's incredibly reassuring to know that there are other dog owners with looney tune dogs out there, and empowering to see how many people, many of whom I'd never met, were so quick to offer encouragement, advice, and of course, control dogs for practice. Pete is a work in progress, but I think he's also a testament to incredible change that can occur with patience, persistence, and positivity. Pet-U-Cation Training set me up with the tools to make it all possible, and for that I will be eternally grateful!



Susan Stonesifer Flanagan & Scarlet
There is only one thing I can say. These people know their way with dogs. I have had beloved dogs all my life and still learned so much more. They never stop. Scarlet my sweet smile girl jumps right in the car with her wiggly butt when she hears it's timeto go to school. If you want to build a great relationship with you pup (any breed) this is who you need.


Sian Evans & Pickle
I can't say enough about Petucation. I was on the verge of rehoming my recent rescue dog after she got attacked by a dog and became very reactive. She's come miles in just a few weeks and I'm so incredibly grateful for the time and love that the staff at PUC has put into my gal.



Amey Silkworth & Chap
The OSR program at Pet-U-Cation has done wonders for my dog! He was afraid of everything, including strangers, and very reactive on leash. The time he spends at the center socializing with people and dogs is helping build his confidence and improve his reactivity. He loves going to "school" and adores all his "teachers"! Thank you all for the time, patience and love you show Chap every day he is with you! It means the world to us!




Lee Gerstein & Lucky
I cannot rave enough about Pet-u-cation. It's almost like I have a completely different dog. I would recommend them to everyone and anyone looking for help with becoming a better owner and helping their dog be the dog they truly want to be.




Lisa Feinman & Cosmo
Pet-U-Cation helped me so much! My foster dog, when he came to me, was afraid of EVERYONE. After a couple of months at PUC, he was still shy, but able to meet someone who loved him and adopted him - which never would have happened otherwise.




Mary Chico & Edgar
PuC has been incredible in helping my dog learn impulse control, good manners and how to be the most wonderful little guy. Not only do they do an impressive job training, they provide tons of support, encouragement and HOPE when you have a dog in need of specific training. Highly recommend!!




Michelle Binder & Odin
I don't know where myself or my dog would be without the help of Petucation. Their trainers care about you and your dog. They take the time to understand what you and your dog need. We went from being kicked out of doggie daycare for behavior issues to now my dog being a Therapy dog visiting nursing homes. Can't say enough great things about this company and their trainers



Sara Wheelbarger-Pierce & Nate
Our little Nate spent the first 5 years of his life in a research laboratory before being rescued and finding his home with me. To say that Nate had anxiety and fear issues would be putting it mildly; Nate was a phantom in my home, and most people didn't even know I had a dog.

After almost a year together, Nate progress with me was minimal at best and while I would never give up on the little guy, it was heartbreaking to see a dog shut down 24 hours a day. His entire life consisted of a 12 foot radius around his bed and food. He refused to explore the house, although he was free to. Walks were extremely difficult because he was constantly panicking at the slightest rustle or new sound. Upon returning from the walk, he would go tearing up stairs and cower on his bed. I was desperate and I knew there had to be something that I could do for him.

Almost from the moment the trainers at Pet-U-Cation met Nate, they began having more results from him that I could have imagined. They were able to help him go from a dog who spent his life curled up in a ball, cowering in constant fear, to one who can walk on a leash, follow me around the house, and curl up with me on the couch in only 5 weeks.

They gave me different exercises to practice with Nate on my own, between sessions, and I couldn't believe the progress he made in the first week alone. I often joke with people that they must have switched dogs on me when I wasn't looking, because I cannot believe that this is the same dog. He just has a different look in his eye these days; I would describe it as more curious, and I never thought I would see the day. I owe it all to Pet-U-Cation! Thank you!


Leslie Sahady & Hope
We received several recommendations to contact Petucation to help us with our now 6 month old. After we assessed Hopes behavior, they came up with a plan to correct our food aggressive monster. Once they dug into some history on Hope, we found the cause of her aggression. Coming from a backyard breeder, Hope was always starving for food. She was one of two liters who were suffering from malnutrition. Then, to make matters worse, Hope was taken from her Mom WAY too early and our trainers were quick to realize what we had to do to help Hope get over her food aggression with our other dogs.Once we had a plan in place, we started to see results almost immediately.


Understanding what Hope was going through and having someone to help us interpret her behaviors, made all the difference in the dog we now have. After consistent training on our part, and the guidance of PUC, we now have a well behaved dog. Their understanding and patience helped us get Hope on track. After we conquered the food aggression, we worked on leash skills and Hope manners in general. She no longer jumps on guest, barks to get out with the kids playing in the backyard, and she can have food near ANY dog without the fear of a dog fight. She’s cured.Not only have these ladies cured Hope, they have helped her excel in other areas. She is so well behaved, that she is able to be a control dog in socialization classes. With some advanced training with Pet-U-Cation, Hope was able to pass her Canine Good Citizen test and is now an AKC CGC. To add to how wonderful our girl has become, Hope is also a member of Pet-On-Wheels. She is a registered therapy dog and visits places like hospitals, assisted living facilities, children with special needs. We are eternally grateful for all the help and guidance we have received. Their love for animals shows in everything they do. Their understanding of dog behaviors has shown to be so amazing! It’s like they can read minds. They have made us better doggie parents and that in turn benefited Hope in every way. We cannot recommend them enough. If you are having dog issues, look no further.


Felice & Baylee
I just wanted to thank PUC on behalf of Baylee and myself. Without you guys, Baylee wouldn't be here with me right now. I got Baylee when he was 8 weeks old. He was a sweet crazy puppy, then he matured a bit, and became a monster dog. He had no respect for me to the point that if I challenged him, and he didn't get what he wanted, he attacked me! I was petrified of him. PUC taught me how to regain his respect and train him to "chill out." It was hard work on my part, but worth every minute. Baylee has improved so much; I'm no longer afraid of him because I know how to calm him down. I'm more confident and relaxed with him, and that's the point of owning a dog. He'll always challenge me; it's in his nature, but I understand and know how to deal with him peacefully. Thanks guys! We love you!




Deborah Robinson & Brooks
This is a glowing testament to the patient training my dog Brooks and I received at Pet-U-Cation. (Seriously, I needed the training, too.) Between the pack walks, the leash training, and Brooks's stint at a very structured day care facility specializing in dogs who've been turned away from other daycares, today Brooks was able to pass his entrance exam into "regular" (or more fun and playful) daycare. In fact he got a PERFECT score on his entrance exam and we all couldn't be happier. I totally and in the most heartfelt way possible, endorse and recommend Savannah Huff and her crew at Pet-U-Cation for all dogs, and particularly those who need a little extra-strong, extra-caring, extra-patient, super-intense training program. We couldn't have done it without you! A thousand thanks.


Charlene and Jan Heaberlin & Wesley
Wesley, our 5 year old Westie, was truly a terror. He terrorized the neighborhood and most visitors to our house, barking and snarly at almost everything he saw. We had a female Westie from another rescue. He was very territorial and treated her badly as well. We love them both, We would NOT take either back. We were desperate.

After 4 visits with Savannah, Wesley was a changed dog, but more importantly, we were changed as owners. She taught us how to change our behavior towards him, and not only did he learn to accept our new female Westie, he was actually even playing with her. We call Savannah "the dog whisperer" and have recommended her to our other neighbors. She doesn't train dogs in the traditional sense (sit, walk, etc) but uses observation and knowledge to change the behavior of both the dogs and the owners. It was simply amazing to see the effect it had on all of us and we are all much calmer for it. Thanks PUC, we appreciate all you've done for us.


Savario & Sallie Weaver
When I married my wife, her dog came with the deal. Don't get me wrong, dogs, cats, fish, turtles, I love them all. So you can imagine how crestfallen I was when her dog didn't love me back. I am used to growing up with dogs and having friends that had dogs. They were always playful, friendly, and affectionate. This dog, Lucy, instead greeted me with an attitude. She would growl at me and show her teeth when I tried to pet her, when I tried to go near my wife, when the cats would go near her, and she would go ballistic whenever guests would come over.

She had bitten on several occasions. I didn't feel safe in my own place. I promised my wife we could try Pet-U-Cation, but secretly, I felt that I would just be giving her the benefit of the doubt and going through the motions

After only a couple of lessons, I am so happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised. The change in her behavior has been extremely noteworthy. Now, I can pet her, she doesn't bully the cats, I walk her regularly, she obeys my commands, I play with her, and she gives us room when we let her know. I haven't heard a growl in weeks. I attribute these staggering results to the methodology taught to use by Pet-U-Cation. They taught us everything about communicating with body language, being leaders, and being in control of the situation, peacefully.

I now feel safe in my home again. We have PUC to thank for this. If your dog is forcing you to the end of your rope, do the right thing and invest your time and effort with them. If you do your homework, and follow their advice on a consistent "all in" basis, I am convinced you can save just about any dog.


Sasha Blanton & Danto
When I first contacted Savannah, our dog Danto was frightened and aggressive towards strangers, and could not be trusted off leash with another dog, for fear that Danto would aggress. From the first training session, Savannah was able to see and clearly explain the many ways that we as owners were contributing to Danto's fear and uncertainty. Danto took to her very quickly, and when she had him on the leash, she had better control of him than we ever did. She taught us how to use our body language, vocal cues, rewards, and discipline to show Danto that we were in charge and that he could trust us. She explained the many signs and signals Danto's body language was showing, and after even the first session, we felt we understood our dog better than we ever had.

Six sessions later, we can have guests over to the house without worry, and we are completely pleased with Danto's progress. Savannah has made such a difference in our lives and the life of our dog. I would recommend PUC without any reservation to anyone who has a dog with aggressive behavior issues.




Stephanie Hurley, Bruno & Moonshine
Bruno (my shihpoo) was anxious, fearful, and had minimal socialization early on in life.  We really needed help.  They have been by my side, since the first day of training, via email, phone, or in person. Together we have been on several pack walks with PUC. The  pack walks have made Bruno more confident. Fast forwarded a year, and today Bruno is more sociable, less fearful, and shares his home with our new rescued dog Moonshine. I highly recommend Pet-U-Cation to help with your dog’s needs.


Kate, Shawn, & Bogey Bryden
Bogey, our 3 year old black Labrador (approx. 105 lbs - and naturally a little timid), was suddenly afraid of going down our stairs for almost 7 months for no apparent reason. Going upstairs was not as challenging, but each morning to get him downstairs, my husband would have to carry him down so that he could start his day. We thought we tried everything... I read articles and blogs for advice, brought other dogs and people over to entice him down, tried coaxing with steak and other non-typical treats and nothing seemed to work.

When I first told Savannah about our issues on the phone, she  gave me hope that maybe, this time, Bogey could face his fear and we could learn to help permanently reinforce his confidence!

Savannah came to our house and not only helped him face his fear of our front stairs (within the first hour!!) but helped him learn to go down the back stairs too! The most amazing thing to us was that she taught us how to communicate with him - what he reacts to, what our behavior and reactions were doing to reinforce (rather than alleviate) his fears, and how we can proceed with resolving other bad habits over the next few months. I feel like we finally can communicate with Bogey in a constructive way and I know he's going to be even happier for it!

We cannot thank Savannah and Pet-U-Cation enough for helping us relieve Bogey's anxiety. 


Andrea Bancells & Tucker

On separation anxiety: By the time Savannah came into our lives, Tuck's separation anxiety was horrible.We had been through 9 crates and more carpet and drywall than I can count. As a rescue, he was not well socialized and very fearful of other dogs. Tuck was diagnosed by the vet with separation anxiety and put on medication. For a while that helped, but I knew he could be happier and more relaxed while we are working, and he was still chewing the carpet. Savannah helped us take the leader role from Tucker, provide him with enough exercise and challenge to keep him calm throughout the day.

He is even going into his crate all by himself and we can safely allow him run of the house during the work day! Best yet, we can go to Petsmart in the evenings and take walks without bad reactions. It's still a daily challenge to work on the training and things we learned, but the newfound tranquility Tuck has makes it all worth it. We couldn't have done it without you, Savannah! Andy, Tuck, and I are so grateful for the peace you have given this home."

On Leash Reactivity: "Happy dog! We walked by 6 or 7 dogs with no reaction other than a mere glance as if to say "huh a dog." A LONG ways from th scared of them, freaking out, barking, snarling, growling mess Tuck was!!!I almost cried because we just walked past all those dogs and the only one who got more than a glance was one aggressing towards him across the street. I'm beyond happy with how far he has come, Savannah. I can't believe this is the same Tucker you worked so hard with me to leash train.


Valerie Meyer & Jasper

Jasper just got back from the groomer for the first time in his life! There were 5 dogs there of varying sizes and a very tall man. Without your help, Not only would jasper have gone crazy (at the dogs and the man)in that situation, but I never would have had the confidence to take him there. Thank you so much for working with him, and of course me. Oh yeah, the groomers all said he was amazing. Jasper misses you! Thank you again!


Jon, Justine & Corrado
We adopted our dog Corrado from the Baltimore Bully Crew this past year.  He came to us well trained but within weeks we started noticing signs of digression and anxiety.  PUC taught us that our dog wanted leadership, should have boundaries, and needed to exercise mental stimulation daily.  We learned that dogs are pack oriented animals and that we needed to establish our roles as leaders.  When we used the strategies and exercises that we learned, we soon realized we were able to curb our dog’s excitement and anxiety.  We are forever grateful for the knowledge we have gained through Pet-U-Cation training.


Patricia Brightwell, Rosie, & Jasmine

I was referred to Pet-U-Cation by another trainer and when Savannah suggested to attend the Pack Walk she leads on Saturdays, I was grateful to have some hope!!

As Savannah explained what the different body language means during the Walk, I was completely fascinated by the communication of the dogs. Since Rosie's "issue" was at the dog park (which wasn't aggression after all, it was frustration), Savannah met me at the park in Reisterstown to see the behaviors in action. She explained so many of my dog's behaviors as well other dogs. It completely opened my eyes to their world and what the dogs were saying to each other. She pointed out which dog was creating a nervous pack, the importance of the pack leader, and how to help my dog be stable while at the dog park. It was a whole different way of seeing them, but, most importantly, it was just letting them be who they are: dogs. Members of a pack to which I was now the leader. Today Rosie is thriving and we just adopted a rescue who turned out to have separation anxiety.  Savannah gave us different exercises to build her confidence, pointed out the behaviors that Jasmine should have been doing and wasn't, and how I can facilitate those behaviors.  All the training is done with professional, patient, and skilled positive reinforcement.  Thank you Savannah for showing me what the dogs are saying and helping me to help them be happy and all they can be.  We all love our dogs, but when there is a problem it is comforting to know that Savannah can provide training and positive change.   By the way, after one session I am already seeing a difference in Jasmine's confidence.  It can't get any better than that!!



Betsy Duer & Gwen

My dog, Gwen, is reactive to everything: other dogs, children, squirrels, razor scooters…everything.  And while I would love to resolve all of her reactivity issues, all I really wanted was to be able to walk her in my neighborhood without having to cross the street every time we approached another dog while she was lunging and barking and growling.  Prior to stumbling across a Pet-U-Cation advertisement, we had tried obedience classes as well as a behaviorist.  And although I am always willing to give new training techniques a chance, I was skeptical.

After attending the Pack Walks for several months and practicing at home, Gwen was walking at my side -- something I never thought would happen!! -- and passing dogs on the same side of the street in our neighborhood without any reactivity.  I still cannot believe it as I write this.  In addition, she was showing zero reactivity around the other dogs at the Pack Walks and at the nearby park.  Alma gave both of us a new sense of confidence, and now I am positive that we can tackle that long list of reactivity issues.

I will forever be grateful to Pet-U-Cation for what they have done for us, and for what I know they will continue to do for us.  They are a compassionate, knowledgeable, fun group.  The accessibility of the trainers is beyond amazing, and the number of specialty classes and seminars (high energy dogs, motion reactivity, “The Food Bowl” challenge) offered is impressive.  They have also created a network that allows clients to communicate with each other, post questions and pictures, offer motivation, etc. which is truly priceless.  Gwen and I plan on being a part of the Pet-U-Cation family for a long time!!



Matt, Bridget Fox & Amelia
When we adopted Amelia Earhart from BARCS in Sept 2011, we knew we had found a good, smart dog with a big heart and no shortage of baggage. Adoring and enthusiastic but a little insecure and in need of consistent, patient leadership, we initially mistook some of Amelia's on-leash reactivity for aggression in the proximity of other dogs. At the sight of nearly any dog at seemingly any range, Amelia would become incredibly vocal and completely oblivious to her well-intentioned but and flustered owners. We started working with Pet-U-Cation in hopes of primarily addressing her on-leash reactivity, but we quickly learned of how much our pup and ourselves were capable.

Alma helped us recognize and respond to more Amelia's subtle body language, completely re-boot her confidence outside on-leash, hone her focus and intelligence with games and drills, all the while building our confidence as leaders. These skills were reinforced at "Pack Walks" and "Socialization Class" in Patterson Park, where Amelia had the opportunity to drill and walk with other dogs of all sizes, shapes, and temperaments. To see the progress was beyond rewarding, and Alma, Savannah, and Pet-U-Cation continue to be a resource for us. Only 1 year after we brought our BARCS alumna home, we challenged Amelia (and ourselves) to become an American Kennel Club Good Canine Citizen, which involved a several-week course and a veritable doggy-gauntlet of social and obedience drills. Amelia passed with flying colors, impressing even the most incredulous parties (her owners). We credit Alma's and Savannah's guidance, accessibility, and flexibility with not only Amelia's incredible progress to a wonderful pet and solid ambassador for her breed, but our progress as patient, consistent, happy dog owners. Thank you Pet-U-Cation!

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